I’m Torben Koch Pl√łen. I’m Danish. There’s nothing I can do about the Danish part – my family has a long tradition for being Danish. I could do something about Torben. But I won’t. Its a cool name. Its a variant over the old name Thor. Yes, the name of the Nordic Thunder God. Who wouldn’t want a name like that?

I’m actually so cool that I’ve been named Mr. Legacy!

I have a passion for software. And not just for software. I like building software, but I even more like to figure out how to better build better software.

My blog is being moved to https://mrlegacy.dk

On that blog I will write about software, developing software and my passion for (developing) software and, hopefully, at the same time, improve and sharpen my writing skills. They sure need it.

I hope you like what I write and can use it for something. I know I can.

Thanks for popping by!